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The instrument is of modular design with the choice of installing up to four sensors. You could measure:

  • Ash
  • Basis weight
  • Caliper
  • Coating, multilayer
  • As an extra choice one of above could be replaced by a gloss sensor
  • Moisture sensor available very soon


The LabProfiler BCX is a rugged and easy to handle instrument designed for use in the paper,paper  fabrics and foil industry.

Samples can be in the form of single sheets or a roll of arbitrary length.

LabProfiler BCX is a laboratory instrument but it is robust enough to be placed in the machine hall and can be equipped with an optional industry kit

The instrument is made for the user who has the need to make fast, reliable and accurate off-machine profile measurements. Measurements are done with several times the resolution that is possible with on line systems.

The Labprofiler            

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A reliable helper for paper mills since 1995.

The Labprofiler offers a fast and easy way of measuring different aspects of you paper, fabrics or foil profile. 

It is a rugged lab instrument that you easily move into the mill and for exaple use to help tune up the online measuring system after a maintenance stop.